I love underground music!  It makes me feel like it only belongs to me. When im walking around town with my headphones in and a n underground artist i feel like I have a really big secret.  I decided to look into Viper records. On a side note They are black owned which makes me happy, but back on topic Although most of the artist do perform hip hop there is one folk rock act. There are seven artist:AKIR (hip hop), Immortal technic(hip hop, Pj Pacifico (folk rock), The 360 deal (hip hop), Diabolic, Mohammad Dangerfield (hip hop) Jonathan Stuart (. When you visit the website there are several categories with tabs along the top of the home page.  The first tab is titled artist and this is where you get the artist history and you can listen to all of their music for free which is awesome. From this website you can access their online store where you can have the CD shipped to you or you can download individual songs. Johnathan Stuart stated on the website that “They are an outlet for socially relevent culture material that would go unreleased otherwise.” The majority of their artist are hip hop acts so the common sound they produce would most likely attract a young urban crowd between the ages of 12-19, but there is one folk rock group so that opens up their appeal just a little bit more. When you look at the lyrics that the artist are writing  you can see how even a thirty year old could be attracted to this kind of music because it is very socially aware. I would defiantly say that this label is fiercely independent for many reasons. The first would be that Johnathan who is the label owner has already associated his label with two causes that could prove as controversal to a lot of people. The label has a very nice looking web site but I wouldn’t make any judgements based on that. Most of the artist have tour dates; however, they are in cafe’s and clubs so there is probably money coming in but most likely not much. I would imagine that independent record labels would struggle with staying authentic to the end or selling out for profit and I guess this is a problem that each label would have to work out for themselves and their own way. I would say that independent record labels do for the recording industry what competition does to prices. When the artist has options they don’t have to be as desperate.


I was listening to a podcast on about the launching and crash of a satellite (Glory). The satellite was equipped with technology to study climate change and was going to replace older technology that has been in orbit for quiet some time. The satellite has been in production for the last eight years in Boulder, Colorado where over fifty students and professional from CU Boulder have invested lots of time into its completion. Ray Cop who was a scientist who worked on the Glory project and also was in California to watch its take off answered questions and gave insight into the project. According to him twenty-nine million dollars of NASA’s money was invested in this project and this tragedy has been a heartfelt lose for everyone involved; however, he shared that they have been working on Glory’s successor for some time and they have began to build the next attempt for this reasearch. The budget cuts were brought up in the interview with Ray Cop and he indicated that he believes the information they are in search for is very important and necessary to the human race and that is in every way worth the money spent. I feel that the reporter, along with the scientist did a very good job of  letting the viewer know what was happening and then giving them the basic knowledge they need to understand the entire story.

   I also listened to “World Briefing” BBC and of course the majority of the program was centered around Japan. The earthquake and tsunami dealt a lot of damage to two different nuclear plants. The damage has caused fear of a nuclear melt down. There have been evacuations and panic in the surrounding area. This crisis adds to the number of people who have been displaced from their homes in the last week. The Japan prime minister has issued very inspiring words to clam the people, but he has also commented that This is the worst crisis they have been in since WWII.

The skies of Japan a filled with helicopters as they frantically search for survivors, but the area has been decimated so nothing looks as it was so there is fear that those who have survived may be lost.

Fighting continues in Libia and there has been a call for a no fly zone to protect civilians. There have been reports that the rebels are fighting to reclaim their towns and cities. The conflict in Libia has led to protest all over Africa for the tyrant to resign and step down. Unlike the satellite story this broadcast covered much more, but it was still understandable and each story left and impression in my mind.

Even though I am what society would call an adult I am far from it. I always have and always will love cartoons; however, I have been forced by my addiction to reality TV to incorporate some realty shows in my viewing roster. For some strange reason I feel none of my favorite shows would be appropriate for this assignment so I have instead chosen to talk about Greek. This was my first time watching this show but I could see myself watching it again. I would defiantly say it is directed at teenagers ages 12-19. Although 12 is kind of young for some of its content I would say modern American teenagers could defiantly relate to some of the issues brought up in the show or at least they have the sense to discuss it at the lunch table at school. It’s not very hard to figure out that this show is centered on the Greek world in college and this particular episode was about many different things but what stuck out to me was the drama that unfolded in the ZBZ Sorority house perhaps that is because I am a women and I can relate to the female characters. The chapter that is depicted in the show was chosen as a finalist to receive a huge honor and they were of course losing their minds because of excitement; however, excitement is the last emotion any character or viewer experiences in the days leading up to the final decision. Greek feels like a soft soap opera because there are multiply plots going on at the same time and they break of every time there is a hint of any drama so the viewers are left hanging in suspense. While watching this episode there were a few breaks for short ads but they were not actually commercials because I watched it on the internet at There was a Listerine, Zyrtec, iphone, and Jimmy D’s commercial. Everything except for Zyrtec was completely understandable. I mean everyone is concerned about being fresh and relevant and we have to fuel our self’s but especially students, but im not really sure were zyrtec fits into this category. 



I have never followed a political blog before so all this is new to me and im not sure if they will actually make a diffrence in the up coming election because although they will be able to get close and keep the public informed and updated on the candidates every move they are still only able to reach there own nitch audience. I feel that if the bloggers were able to get all that inforation to people who are not motivated to vote could have an effect on the election because a new group of voters are being incorperated into the equation.

I take the internet for granted but when when you think about it it is a very resourceful tool in regards to political issues. In America you could say we are very fortunate to not be forced into taking matters into our own hands and therefore, in America the internet has been reduced to a place to socialize where in other countries social networks have become a public outlet of frustration and a place to unite and share ideas and inspire revolution and change.  We have seen from the headlines how effeective the internet can be i mean the internet was created so that the military could always have a line of communication. I believe it would be possible to shut down the internet and wireless communications but the backlash would be far worse than anything we have seen so far fro Egypt. Americans might be lazy but we are strong and resilient when we are backed against a wall. The internet and social net works are a source of power for th people so I would say they feel powerless and mosty likely angry as they should be.

Lee, Tiffany

I prefer to be called by my first name, Tiffany

I am a Journalism major and I am a freshman I guess…

I am taking this class because it is required and as I mentioned previously I am a journalism major so why not take?

I originally planned to study fashion and write about it but now I am open to anything. I just want to experience life and write about it.

About three years ago I knew exactly where I was going and what it was I wanted to do but not so much now so I would love to have the opportunity to write for an established newspaper or magazine like maybe Harpers Bazar but who knows perhaps something better might come along.

When I have free time I like to read, and play video games and if the wheather is pleasent I like to get out and explore.

I am a teachers aid at a day care named little debbies dream and I love it!!!!

A random note about myself is that when I was a child my friends would call me tomb raider or Laura Croft because I was really dareing and agile.

I dont have a favorite website but I guess wikipedia is one that I visit often. I dont listen to much radio. I go to youtube to listen to most of my music. I have two favorite tv shows and they are Sonny with a chance on the disney channel and The Game that comes on BET. I have a couple of favorite movies and they range genre like Paris when it sizzles with Audrey Hephburn who happens to be my favorite actress to the Little mermaid. I dont have a favorite newspaper but I do love the Harpers Bazzar magazine and I still read seventeen mag. As far as books go I love them but my all time favorites are Sofies world which is like a basic introduction into the study of philosophy and bras and broomsticks which is a silly fictionally book about a tennage witch. I don’t really pay that much attention to AD’s however there have been a health number of commercials that have tickeled my fancy.

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  • mutipersonaility: Your right its bringing a new group of voters in
  • mutipersonaility: I agree with you I have watched greek a few time and i think it can pertain to a young crowd because they face those issues as well
  • afterwhilecrocodile: You know I dont really know why I love reality T.V the way I do. I think that despite all the drama I find most of the people chosen to star in there